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The Miracle of 3D Printing

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I’ve discovered the fascinating world of 3D printing. I believe Sarah Jane had brought an item to school that was 3D produced, a Tardis. I saw an article regarding a company, Baklund R&D, in Hutchinson, Minnesota that had purchased a 3D printer and now their business is booming; creating all sorts of things in plastics, metals, and glass. Basically if there is a molten aspect to the material being used, it can be printed via 3D printer. A 3D schematic is created of the object you want to reproduce or that you are creating for the first time. Then the computer plots the X, Y, Z coordinates. You send these coordinates to the printer and the printer builds the item, one layer at a time, from bottom to top. See this time lapsed video for this amazing process.

3dprinting_pumpkinThere are companies that make and sell these printers, but for the adventurous types, you can build our own utilizing the Reprap site. There you get complete instructions on how to build various different models. Their site is a cornucopia of knowledge on the topic with forums, Reprap User Groups, and a Community Portal that list other Reprap blog sites. They even have a facebook page showing may of the things make by this process. On their forum they had 5,900 topics and 55,045 post just for today, November 10th. I also found hundreds of videos on YouTube regarding this technology.

They definitely use all internet media to promote this technology. Denai

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