The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.

Do we have what it take’s??

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How you can add value to your social media posts, if you are a organization. This can be done as easy as hiring the right person to do the posts, and the job. When I first heard about social media I thought it was more about your computer skills  concerning a  business.  But once I got into marketing here at Takoda, it quickly became apparent to me that social media, and marketing were married. But it order to comsumate the marriage and make it work , you must also have good at the very least customer service skills also, to tied this deal together. And if the organization is really smart, the team or person they hire  to do the social media, talents  should also include humilty and they should have a servant heart.

The bad news is a servant heart isn’t something that can be brought or taught, its a heart-thing. The good news is a person can learn humility. I say this because if the social media specialist is monitoring a site/channels. That person could be considered  a front line worker, like our troops in war. They have to deal with the threats first, this could be very dangerous job, because  on- line problems need to be address quickly, and professionally because your audience has 24/7 accessability.  A  late response time, could mean to some followers  or customers you don’t care. Knowing how to kill em  them with kindness in some  social media circle would be consider a valuable asset. And if your company does care about their customers problems and concerns, what is your company going to do for the customers /consumers concerning their situation or  problems: and when? You need the right person to do the explaining and  thank-you’s,  and sometime just saying  its our company fault, and we’re sorry.  Some  customers / followers  would  ideally like to see a customers  problem resolve publicly, on your channel by a person who response well, and perferably from the heart. I think great customer service could not only be the key. It could  enable a company to jump higher in terms of customers and future customers satisfaction. Its also is good public relations, when your company can  get caught in a moment of excellence via social media!!! MDS

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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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