The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.



I am feeling insane as these last few weeks of this program are winding down. I’m sure everyone is. Do I have this done? Do I have that done? Why did I agree to take on the Give to the Max Day thing on at KFAI? Why did I join the %^#?!! board of directors??? Ahhhhhhh!!!

I don’t like Marketing II. I hate the concept of warfare. I’m going into Public Relations. I like people. I like to call them People, not Consumers.

This blogging has helped me to continue to focus on my writing skills, which I know will be a huge part of any PR job I land. I hope it will, anyway. I loved my internship with KFAI and got to do a lot of writing while I was there. I would love to have an actual job there, if only they could afford to create a position for me.

I abhor job-hunting, but know that I will need to get very good at it in short order. Got to put a spiffy suit together, brush up the resume, create an online portfolio, and just GOOOOOOO. Problem is, I know how to do interviews at law firms – not certain of the protocol at PR agencies and nonprofits where I’ll be applying for jobs. It’s foreign to me.

But, you know, if I can do interviews with attorneys, I can interview ANYWHERE, right?

My best interview was several years ago with an attorney located in the IDS Center. He kept me waiting for twenty minutes. Then the receptionist led me to his office, sat me in the chair across from his desk, and then he STARED at me for 5 minutes. I got up and said, well, you’ve wasted enough of my time today, good day, sir. OK, I guess I can handle anything that comes my way. I don’t cry anymore, at least.



There was another interview that I had with a really hoity toity firm downtown (they’re all downtown, pretty much) where the H.R. woman was grilling me. It was a very hot humid day in summer, and I had my crazy curly hair put up in combs. The woman asked me a sort of difficult question, and suddenly, BOING!!! one of the combs flew out and landed on her notebook. Ooops. I started laughing. End of interview. Didn’t want to work there anyway. You know, their loss. Buttheads.

But I digress. I am happy to be getting through this program, and anxious to get started in a career that’s more in line with my talents and personality. I’m deeply grateful for all the training and, except for feeling a little nervous about interviewing, feel raring to go! -paw


Author: 5oci4lm3di4101

We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

4 thoughts on “ANY FINAL THOUGHTS?

  1. I too am disappointed with Marketing. I believe the pie is huge, endless and self-sustaining. There will always be enough pie for everyone and there is no need to destroy others who seek out a wedge. The Sports and Warfare language really turns me off.
    But like Kenny Rogers said…..


  2. Hey why not do social media for a law firm, how about the attorney general office ? They certainly wouldn’t have to explain to you, what they do or the office culture. Oh well, aleast you have options!!! MDS

  3. lol…just found this message…and I say “DITTO”! End of quarter…hate certain classes etc. Sometimes you just have to rant…. ~Dawnerd

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