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Is Facebook Handicap Accessible?

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This piece is appearing in WordPress because what started as a comment in Facebook became too involved for that forum.

This moment’s blog is about considering others. We have all this noble talk about accessibility and handicaps and inclusion. We even need to monitor our words so we don’t offend anybody who might be a little different. Well, it’s a load of crap. Clinical tests verify that i am a genius and that i have significant ADD. All my smarts do me little good when i get on Facebook. Facebook generally ,and Socialmedia101 particularly, is so busy, has so many disjointed graphics and texts and boxes and buttons that i feel exactly as i did at age 6, lost in a crowd of strangers.
I put a lot of time and effort into writing a thoughtful, positive post that might do some good and be worth some class points. I got done, posted,and was feeling half-way good about it until i found that i had posted under the wrong name, so academically it’s worthless. No doubt there’s a way to fix it, but after dragging myself onto the shore, i’m not quite ready to jump back into the churning sea.
Why does this have to be so complicated? (Yes, this is a rant and i clearly label it as such. Still, i think it has merit.) In an hour it may be different, but right now i am so frustrated that i never want to see Facebook again.
Have any of you struggled with Marketing or Graphic Design? Now imagine taking the course in Romanian. (To that person out there who prefers Romanian, never mind.) This may give you some idea what trying to compose good content while while trying to navigate these pages with ADD is like.
There’s no call to action here; i’m not asking for things to change. All i suggest is that we might be aware of how our actions affect the minority who may be different. I will certainly try to do that for you.–Beeb

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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

One thought on “Is Facebook Handicap Accessible?

  1. Beeb, let me see if I’ve got this straight, because I only have a little-above-average intelligence and I just might not be able to understand. Giving extra consideration to people with disabilities is “a load of crap,” but you and your clinically-proven genius brain and your ADD are asking for a pass because you can’t deal with social media? Sorry, your rant does not pass muster. Also, I’ve got ADD. It’s treatable. -paw

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