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Adventure in Social Media and Art

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As I’ve stated before on facebook, part of what I love about manga is the artwork. For the most part, manga is simple sketches in comic form, but there are some Asian artists that take it a step further by creating these characters through digital art. Because of the complexity of digital art, they only do single portraits of characters. One of the social networks where you can find this type of art is on Deviantart (http://www.deviantart.com/). The site provides a forum and outlet for visitors and artists of all genres whether it be photography, digital art, traditional art, literature, Flash, or filmmaking. They also provide skins for applications, operating system customization utilities, extensive downloadable resources such as tutorials and stock photography as well as journals, polls, groups, forums, and portfolios.

There are a wide variety of things to do and see at this sight. They have a system similar to Facebook’s “like” only it is called favorite. You can post comments, join groups or clubs, talk with artist, enter contests, and purchase artwork. They have implemented a point system where you earn points by taking polls, submitting artwork or written works or entering contest. You can then use the points to purchase things or give them to people to show appreciation.

 I mainly go there for the artwork. There are many digital artists that have done some amazing things. My favorite is Heise. In addition there is a landscape photographer, Oer Wout, which has some of the most unique photos.I even take time to read some of the original stories or adaptations of various manga stories. I’ve often considered submitting a story, or two, myself. I guess I haven’t gotten the courage yet. If you have the time, some Sun day afternoon, you should check out this site. It can be an adventure. — Denai

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One thought on “Adventure in Social Media and Art

  1. My husband loves this kind of artwork. He actually commissions artwork from artists at the local comic book conventions. I don’t get it….but I love him anyway! 🙂 ~Dawnerd

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