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Everybody is a Social Media Manager, Right?!

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SM Job Brief

Anybody hoping that Social Media 101 will lead to one day being a Social Media Manager for an organization may want to rethink this decision.  These jobs are on the decline.  That’s according to Hoot Suite CEO Ryan Holmes’ blog.  He writes, “Once touted as the next big thing, the social media job market has undergone a marked slowdown.”  Holmes’ research shows much as 50% from previous years when growth reached triple-or-quadruple-digit growth.

One reason I surmised, and later confirmed through my research, is that tweeting and posting is or will be everybody’s job.  This means I get to be the Social Media Manager of my own universe for now.  Apparently, I work for cheap because I haven’t seen a paycheck yet, but the experience is something I’m putting on my resume.

That’s a good thing, as every marketing, public relations, and communications job description I have seen lately requires or prefers candidates with social media skills or to be social media savvy.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Holmes says customer service and research and development departments are using social media channels for their tasks.

These aren’t the only departments. I listed “social media” as the keywords search on minnesotaworks.net . Fifty job descriptions from the last 30 days contained the search phrase.  A bank, healthcare company, and law office were among the employers. My HR friends tell me being skilled in social media is not an option in their arena, so why should it be any different for me.

My skills teeter closer to novice than savvy, but I feel fortunate to have Social Media 101 teaching me the ropes.  While Social Media Managers jobs are declining, the skills certainly are not.  I predict we’ve only seen a glimpse of how social media will impact our lives. Besides, who needs to a Social Media Manager of an organization when your own universe is waiting! CRJ

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One thought on “Everybody is a Social Media Manager, Right?!

  1. Thanks for this article, Christine! I had really thought that job titles such as “Social Media __________” were really going to be the way of the future…the HootSuite blog questions that notion entirely. But I think that Social Media just needs to be a part of our PR toolkit, and I’m so glad we’re getting the basics at Takoda. It would be really foolhardy to brush Social Media off as not important – it’s critical in any job involving client service or communications. And top management – except for exceptional organizations, are going to expect Social Media to be one of our skill sets as PR professionals. -paw

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