The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.


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Topic: How can you add value to your social media posts? What does that mean and how does that help you as an organization?

Adding value to Social Media posts can mean a number of things depending on what arena you are covering – but I think the main thing is knowing and listening to your audience. It’s critical to know who you are reaching in order to get effective messaging to certain groups. If you are providing information to groups who don’t care about your posts, it’s just a useless waste of time and resources. And that’s what the channels of Social Media really are – a great source of resources, tools to communicate to the world.

I am going to use KFAI Fresh Air Radio (90.3 Mpls, 106.7 St. Paul, a non-profit, community radio station on whose board I sit) as an organizational example. At KFAI, there’s a lot of information to get out to audiences – we have a lot of programs – something like 98-100. So much value to be had! And I think that Value = Content. Have something to say to the audience that you know. And at KFAI, it’s an audience that is quite loved as well. Many KFAI programmers have connected with their listeners; listeners who have become members of the organization, and listeners who speak back to us via pledge drive dollars. (Shameless plug here – we’re currently in our Fall Pledge Drive – check us out why doncha – www.kfai.org)

But an extra challenge is inherent in Social Media for KFAI. 98 shows – all wanting to say different things – and in 13 different languages! How to channel the channels, and effectively “market” KFAI . . . hmmm. We currently have 25 Radio Pochodifferent people posting and it’s become haphazard and wonky – there’s no other way to put it. Our Facebook page, for example, is just one hot mess (I hate to say that, but it’s true.) One possible solution may be to designate just one or two people as Social Media “point people” who constantly monitor KFAI’s various Social Media channels and have the messaging go through those people. KFAI’s content/messages are important to the community, and consist of information about upcoming shows, interviews, news, special events, and all the great things that KFAI shows do.

I feel like Social Media is still in its infancy stages in terms of how well organizations are getting their messages out. I’m sure many folks are still fumbling around and trying to figure it all out . . . I think we’ll just have to learn from the folks who are doing it right!

-paw (week 1)


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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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