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Heavy Metal Cyber Bullying – HELP!!!

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At KFAI we recently suspended a longtime programmer who hosted the Saturday overnight metal show – for good cause – and now this programmer is ranting and raving against the station on several different social media channels. But worse than that, he is viciously slandering other programmers on Facebook and Youtube. This guy is very angry, out-of-control and rather unhinged, and we see him as a security risk. He has received the cease and desist letter, and we have security measures in place at the station to ensure the safety of our programmers and staff – changed the codes on the doors, etc.

So we have taken physical precautionary measures for security – but what do we do about the cyber bullying? I am personally not in charge of taking care of this, but I understand that the program director just keeps reporting these inappropriate posts to Youtube and FB every time The Dude posts something and they close the remarks (sometimes), but then The Dude just opens up an account under another name – he even opened up an account under our program director’s name, and under the name of someone who is deceased. Yeah, this is bad….

Any and all suggestions or ideas about how to handle Cyber Bullying of this nature would be greatly appreciated!


p.s. The longest running metal show in the country, The Root of All Evil, continues to air on KFAI with a new crew at the helm. Here’s their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/rootofallevilKFAI Long live Earl Root! Peace!


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