The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.

Tackling Social Media 101

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Until I started the PRS program, I never realized there were so many forms of social media. Everyday, I hear about more. Initially, I thought Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin made up social media. While I have had accounts with what call the “Big 3” for years, I seldom use Facebook and Twitter. Linkedin receives most of my attention, as it is one of my job search tools. Even though, I have connected with a number of people and kept my information current, I haven’t found employment through this medium.

Another Learning Curve

Since I have a glimpse of the umpteen social media sites available in cyberspace, learning some of the jargon would be helpful in Social Media 101. Knowing the “following” concept would have been useful on my first day of my SLE. I was told I should be following the Governor on Twitter. Nearly all of the interns are social media savvy, continuously thumbing on their smartphones, so I didn’t feel comfort saying, “how’s that done”? But when I got home, I immediately googled what I needed to do. Then, I’ve dusted off my Twitter user name and password, completed the tasks, and became a follower via my computer. I don’t own a smartphone.  Now that I’m following, what’s next? And, who has the time to keep pace with all this information while to going to school, doing homework, sleeping, eating, doing laundry, and just surviving everyday?  Therefore, any tips on how to use social media productively would be helpful.  Finally as a future PR Specialist, I would find value in knowing how others in the profession use social media in their daily work.

Where People Can’t Stop Talking

For someone who values and works hard to keep her life private, I find social media unnerving. The norms I embraced throughout my life and through my culture have taught me two lessons. First, don’t air your business in public. It’s not for the world to see or know. Second, mind your own business.  Culturally, these lessons have been important because violating them usually led to great shame or ultimately costing someone his or her life. Not so today. From Miley Cyrus’ daily, uncouthly antics to 15-year old, Jaden Smith (actor Will Smith’s son) encouraging teens to drop out of school, I feel like I went to sleep, woke up, and am trapped forever in the pages of a “Tell All” book. Watching what you say and do, oh that is so passé! I loathe social media for doing its part to erode what little civility I thought existed. I detest social media for defining minute by minute, no second by second, what is relevant.  I dislike the fact it can’t be unplugged, and it’s in your face 24/7/365. Social Media 101 is there a cure for this discomfort?   CRJ


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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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