The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.

So What About Social Media?

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What do I want to learn about Social Media?

I think the one thing I want to learn about social media cannot be taught, but is actually a behavior that must be learned.  I currently have several social media accounts, but do not keep up with all of them due to either forgetting that I have them, or lack of time or interest in keeping up with them.  The accounts I do use,  I use frequently and unless I am able to update to all accounts simultaneously, I don’t typically update to more than one on a regular basis.  So I guess maybe what I would like to learn is how to update the correct account with the most important information in a timely fashion.

What do I like about social media?

What I do like about social media is the ability too keep up with people. I have a lot of out of town family, and in having a busy schedule I like that I can update pictures of my kids, send a quick message and share funny cartoons/sayings with them quickly and check back in for their response when time permits.  I love that I am able to keep in touch with friends I had previously lost touch with, and share parenting stories and or tips.  I also have a guilty pleasure and like to see what celebrities are talking about, hear their latest music, watch their latest movie trailer and hear about their latest melt-downs.

What don’t I like about social media?

What I don’t like trolls, yet I feel compelled to read at least some of their comments.  Often times we as a society allow ourselves to think everything is all peaches and cream, the reading comments from the trolls allows me to keep my feet on the ground.  There are a whole lot of crazy, racist, ignorant people in this world!  Thankfully, I never forget that.



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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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