The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.

My Thoughts on a Miraculous thing known as Social Media ..

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What do I want to learn about Social Media?

I can always benefit from adding to what I already know about social media so this course should be exciting and fun.

I would like to know the insides of how/why it works from the standpoint of the consumer or potential client.

I would like to learn how to “win” when it comes to Social Media

How to use Social Media in an effective, efficient, and accountable manner that is relevant to my job or clients everyday in the PR realm within my niche’ area of expertise.

I would like to learn about the impact it may have on my children and future generations to come.

I would like to learn how to  better connect social media’s capacity for outreach.

I would like to know how to sell it to growing or established businesses , churches, non-profits, individuals and so on..

I would like to learn how to use it  for my benefit and not someone else’s .

What do I like about social media ?

I like how even in the smallest country or city,  if you have an idea it can spread through the vehicle of “Social Media”

I like the way it connects others.

I love the way it has reunited my family members that I and others never or rarely see anymore.

I like how individuals can use social media to benefit a cause, business, endeavors  or simply highlight a plight/issue/story/problem.

I like how generations of people can learn new things through Social Media and that gift of knowledge can be shared in real-time over and over again.

I like the ability of others sharing thoughts, ideas, feelings  etc.. and having an audience that can and will respond, but only if they want too

I like that I can follow, chat, meet, message  people I know personally or not and do the same with the famous or infamous people I  want to know more about like – artists, actors, businesses, individuals and so on.

**I will always have a love of social media because it is how I met my boyfriend Adika, who later on became my fiancé then a great life-long friend.  We connected through social networking, We met on Facebook(best thing ever) in 2008, both having an equal love affair with books(Facebook’s Bookshelf) and he  of course, enjoying my profile picture :-). It is because what we initially shared on our profile(interests/groups) that brought the East coast and Midwest via Down South together.  We  grew, explored and shared who we are and what we represent, through other social networks like MySpace, Imeem and Youtube to continue our communication and journey.

Enjoying ourselves like "Normal People" muhahahha   (Enjoying ourselves like “Normal People” mu-hahaha)

What do I not like about social media ?

I don’t like how Social Media is heavily relied on by so many, and thought to be the “BeesKnees”.

I don’t like how as easily Social Media connects you to others , it can and will take you away from who or what is truly meaningful(If you allow it).

I don’t like how businesses,  advertisers, marketing institutions use your interest or likes for  tracking purposes but I understand the beast 🙂

I don’t like how  some  who follow celebrities, and bash them through social media  for what they may or may not do. I believe it is easy at times for many to  forget “celebrities” that they are people and the same way you may be feeling ..guess what they are human with opinions and thought just like everyone else – get over it!

I don’t like how I  am expected to use every  gadget or doohickey that someone invents  and if I don’t , I am the problem.

I don’t like that at times Social Media can be impersonal while being too personal at the same time.

I don’t like how individuals, groups etc.. will use social media for promoting “Hate” VS. things that can help or heal.

I don’t like how social media has become a “machine” but I respect its awesomeness.

I don’t like how you can quickly be judged on what you do or don’t do when it comes to social media.


Author: 5oci4lm3di4101

We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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