The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.

LEDMN – Painting The Red, White and Harold of Social Media


How do you engage your audience?

The key of success in social media is finding just the right channel for just the right message.  To put it in the parlance of our painting motif, you need to paint the room the right colour for it to be a showcase.  It can be a pop of colour that brings special notice to a part of the room or a wonderful background to the message your organization is trying to establish.  Undoubtedly each painter or public relations specialist brings to task their own special tool box of gifts to make this message come to life and to capture the imagination of their target audience.  Engaging people in a way that is meaningful to them is always the best approach.  It puts a colour on the wall that is easy for them to live with, as well as one that adds to the overall tenor of their day. One of the many ways to engage people is with humour.  Humour, when used appropriately, breaks down barriers instantly and puts people at ease.  It allows them to have a sigh of relief from whatever else may be going on in their life.  It allows them to be distracted for a moment and the to refocus on the information you give them next.

Tri Pic-  WhereTri Pic -IsTri Pic - Where Is Harold

In developing my social media assignments for this class I have engaged that ‘paint,’ for both my Facebook and my Pinterest pages.  The LEDMN MEAN MEME PROJECT: “Where’s Harold?” was intended to be just such an approach.  One that is hopefully colourful and filled with some real life discussion of the importance of social media in our lives.  Showcasing how it can bring both the light of  the light emitting diode (LED) for all to share in a way that is meaningful and engaging. Pic Morning Harold As a former teacher, one of the educational tools used to paint a classroom is to understand that what is memorable to a student is also likely something they will learn and use.  The light-heartedness of the story of Harold is just such a tool.  At the outset it is a story of a colourful figure that has no face in the series of stories.  Each listener can project a “Harold,” from their own imagination by painting a vivid picture of who this character may be and his association with the USPS.  He exists to make us smile. He also exists to teach us a little more about how we can use social media as a positive force.  Thank you Harold for truly being just the right pop of red, white, and blue light and colour all over the room!


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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

2 thoughts on “LEDMN – Painting The Red, White and Harold of Social Media

  1. If I were a yarnbomber, I would add eagle claws to those mailboxes! (LA)

  2. Harold’s color is surely purple–as in crayon. (LA)

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