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Week 3 – How would different groups/organizations use the different social media channels to reach their customers/supporters?

Roger Daltrey

I think this focuses directly at target markets or segments. Knowing who your customer or client is makes all the difference in figuring out how to reach out to them.

One place to begin is with demographics. If you can use this “category” as a baseline, you can then determine how to plan for using the right media for the right customers/clients/supporters. First, give some thought to how you typically view these customers or clients. Think age, income, ethnicities, education, locations, and neighborhoods to start. Knowing this covers a wide range of folks, tailor your social media messages to each group as succinctly as possible. Structure the information for the type of news or event you are “talking” about. By really taking the time to understand who is receiving the message you can be assured that the right message is being received.

Here would be an example I might use. If I am a public relations specialist, I know that first I have to be a top-notch writer. So, if my target audience is younger, say 26-34, I probably wouldn’t mimic their language, but I’d play to it. I wouldn’t want to be seen as writing something that their grandmother would be drawn to (no offense to grandma, by the way). Instead, I’d be saying I know and understand you. Here it is on Twitter, and I can tell you what I need to say in that brief 140 characters. By doing so I’m also not talking down to them, but am trying to create the conversation with them, hoping that some ongoing dialogue might ensue. I would also try to cross-engage them on other social media platforms that would be appropriate. Perhaps Facebook, or Instagram, or another, more specialized piece of the social media universe.



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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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