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Week 5 – How do you engage your audience?


Engaging your audience means sometimes you meet them halfway. For companies not used to this tactic (“our way or the highway”), social media presents a challenge. It offers the choice to both want and need to engage differently. It may require breadth and depth, likely not both, unless the social media interactions have reached a more sophisticated level.

Good writing is essential. Visuals are important. Music can play a role. Clear and concise information is critical. Again, all of this is important – without it there’s no hook, and without that hook there’s not much there to engage the audience, or bring them along for the ride.

Most companies want their audience (aka customers) to be engaged, whether it is about telling their story, or selling their products or services. Creating a two-way conversation (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter) elevates the conversation to the next level. You, the audience/customer, are now connected, you are talking, you are sharing your side of the conversation. You hope that someone is listening.

For some organizations there may only be a basic level of engagement, and they may not even know much about who their customers are, but they still feel the need to reach out, and connect. In that situation, I’d see an organization first dipping their toes into the easiest versions of social media. Encourage employees to be on LinkedIn. Have a company Facebook page. Have a few of the most adventurous souls take up Twitter or Pinterest, depending on the targeted audiences. Use Instagram when employees are at events and programs. Capture the moment.

Here’s the key: do a little, but do it regularly. Keep the lines of communication open between you, the organization, and your audience, your current and potential customers. Embrace the future!



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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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