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Different roads that lead to the same destination… (Week 4)

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The topic on which we’re supposed to write this week asks how a company can best pick social media channels (plural), but it is best to first pick a single channel instead of multiple outlets. It may sound obvious to pick one option before picking five options, but with the over-abundance of resources on the internet, it can be easy to bite off more than can be chewed. Social Media is more effective when one channel is used very thoroughly instead of using multiple channels inefficiently. New media can be pretty intimidating and there is a lot to learn, but with a little practice any media outlet can be demystified quickly. The goal for proper use of social media is simple: Just pick one. Focusing on just one channel at a time and concentrating the effort will make for better initial understanding. Social Media is here to stay, so there will be plenty of time to explore other channels as time goes on.

Picking the best social media channel comes down to what the organization wants that channel to do. Are they trying to reach a certain audience, or a wider audience, or just develop an audience in the first place? Who do they want hearing their message? Do they want feedback or are they just trying to widen their reach. These questions all feed back into the way a company should choose their best route for social media, but the underlying idea that needs to be remembered is that all social media channels are pretty much the same. Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and the rest are different roads that lead to the same destination. It matters less which channel is picked and matters more is how that channel is used.



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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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