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LEDMN – Social Media Painter: Sable Brush Or Fuzzy Roller?

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How can you add value to your social media post?  What does that mean, and how does it help you as an organization? 

 Social media is like a painter’s tool.  It can have a most refined tip that reaches into a particularly difficult corner to do the most delicate touch-ups, or it can be as broad and generous as a spray gun or fuzzy roller.  The number of brushes in any public relations manager’s tool belt can vary, and typically the more adept he is at using those brushes, the more contracts to paint he’ll receive.  It all has to do with finesse and understanding.

If your goal is to add value to your organization’s social media post, you better be a painter that can understand the best brush in your tool belt to get the desired results.  Generally speaking you can keep people coming back to your Website if you understand that they may have arrived on your doorstep with a variety of different needs.  Take time to brainstorm what those needs may be.  Then take the time to use your tools to create something memorable and helpful for them.  Being an expert in our field and showing expertise beyond what a visitor might expect is one way to grab a reader’s attention and hold it.  Give them what they’re looking for.   Visit other successful sites and examine carefully what they do to make themselves successful.  If, for example, you are a children’s healthcare organization that connects to the recent story about Hazel, the small girl who taped a “Send pizza Rm. 4112!” banner to her window at at a Los Angeles’ hospital, and pass that story and its links along to your readers, you’ve added extra value to your own site.  You’ve shown your own humanity by sharing interest in another’s ultimately human story.


Hazel Hammersley

It really comes down to connecting with people on basic levels:  attending to basic needs.  Sharing with your stakeholders what is at the core of your mission or concern in all the different facets that can inform and connect with people.  What this means is that you are real.  You are connecting in a way that others can feel and respond to.  The rewards are obvious.

You’ve painted your mission, your organization in a way that people want to respond to:  whether it is a benefit in raising goals to support your cause or spreading good information for altruistic motives.  The quality of the paint you put on the wall will reflect all the prep work and finesse you laid down to get it there.



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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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