The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.

Add value by keeping it real

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Week 1: How can you add value to your social media posts? What does that mean, and how does it help you as an organization?

I think adding value will always be subjective, as social media means different things to each of us. Every organization will have a different perspective on how and why they use social media, who they are connecting with, and, in turn, what that brings to the business itself. The value of the social media will vary by organization, and maybe even by the type of social media used.

Understanding who your customer or client is, the product you sell, or the service you provide is essential. Without knowing where you are starting from makes it difficult to know what you need.

Adding value in most cases would be about helping or informing your clients or customers of information integral to the scope of your business. If you provide a service, social media can serve to share that information with a wider and deeper audience than traditional forms of marketing or advertising might.

Social media can add value by reaching demographics that are not the current clientele of a business or organization. In addition, it demonstrates the willingness to expand the market reach by using new technologies. As a customer or client, it tells me that they are trying to stay current with changes in the technology marketplace. An organization or business that I patronize that effectively uses social media can help me want to continue that relationship, if the information I receive from them is useful.

The most value comes from using the right social media tool. Not every tool available, but the right one for your clients, your business, and your ability to manage the interactions and results.



Author: 5oci4lm3di4101

We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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