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Social Media Controversy: As A Marketing Tool

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According to some analysis, controversy can have a positive result on some organizations. Let’s face it everyone has something to share when it come to organizations that are in the media for something that was said or an issue that company is facing.

The negative media attention can be a great way for companies to can exposure and boost its followers.

In 2012, Oreo posted its Oreo Pride cookie and the company later took it down by issuing a public apology to the LGBT community. In a statement Oreo posted the following blog:

Oreo accompanied its post with: “Proudly support love!” in clear support of gay rights – an issue that continues to polarise the United States, a territory where Oreo is extremely popular. In a matter of seconds, Oreo, usually known for its inane and wacky ramblings on the best way to consume its sugary treats, thrust itself into the frenzied midst of a social and political debate. Everyone that was talking about gay marriage was suddenly talking about Oreo because the brand dared to voice an opinion.  

The update received over 140,000 likes and 19,000 comments. Many were from disillusioned churchgoers claiming Oreo was destroying religious values and teaching immorality. Others commended the brand for its bravery and supported its stance on equality. The levels of social engagement were almost unprecedented and waves of media coverage followed, putting Oreo firmly in the public eye outside the context of the initial purpose of the post.

Oreo successfully drew the world’s eyeballs and its reputation soared, bolstered by its Manager of Corporate Affairs, Stephanie Minna Cass’ unwavering declaration that: “Kraft Food has a proud history of celebrating diversity and inclusiveness. The Oreo ad is a fun reflection of our values.”

It continues to be one of the fastest growing social brands on the planet.
Among others are American Red Cross and Ambercrombie & Fitch. So social media is an results driven society that can change a negative outlook into a positive one. @GrahmsJ



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One thought on “Social Media Controversy: As A Marketing Tool

  1. Oreo continues to lead in social media marketing, with its “Long Live the Creme” tweet in hono(u)r of the royal baby. (LA)


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