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Social Media and the Zimmerman Case

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This is one of the most watched cases of the year. With an onslaught of and people armed with their own individual intention to give a verdict, this case was an attention grabber.

What value does Americans place on the lives of children. It has curtailed an open forum for parents to begin to educate their kids about what is appropriate to wear and at what times. It has become a fad that all children dress the same no matter what segment of society they live in. On a special preview of CNN’s “Crossfire,” co-host Van Jones wonders aloud, “Do I now have to dress my kid in a tuxedo so he can go buy Skittles?”

Because of the growing number of concerns about the verdict of this case and the horrific display of how African American kids are displayed in the media, there seems to be an endless decay of unity among Americans. A countless number of innuendos came be blamed for societies ills, but do we blame the rap industry with its flamboyant lifestyle and gritty content or the parents?

Should we blame our current parenting style for misfortunes of our kids? What needs to happen before the genocide of African American kids? Should we trust the grotesque depiction of African American kids in the media? The old saying goes, ‘Let your conscious be your guide’.

No matter the geographic or segment, children are the future of America and it then becomes the responsibility of every man and woman who are able to begin to inflict discipline in the lives of every child we witness being contemptuous in society, at home, school, etc.

It boils down to parents taking action. Click on the link above to learn more about social media and how it shapes American opinion. @GrahmsJ


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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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