The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.

In Social Media 101, I plan to gain

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In Social Media 101, I plan to gain a lot of insight about the meaning of why social media is important to companies and why it is important to keep it updated. Social media has always intrigued me since its onslaught. Why is social media become the most effective weapon for business owners?

Since most people have went viral in today’s world, social media has introduced many creative ideas and ways to capture the audience. No more face-to-face meetings and telephone use is becoming more and more occasional in the business world. Companies are using many different tools (viral) to connect with employees, clients, and business partners to say the least.

Social media draws to my attention the big scare in 2000, Y2K. Should we really trust all of our resources, content information, marketing, business documents, etc. to the “Big Cloud in the Sky”? What if there is an information overload and all of our information is lost in cyberspace due to some crash with computers? Should we still depend on face-to-face communication to draw in our customer’s? Should we still keep our personal records on paper? What if? Is there some secret agency gathering all of our customer data to bombard our business with telemarketing? What if?

My anticipation using social media after completing this course will be how to understand social media, how to  use it to keep interaction with a companies customer base and future customer’s, and the most effective means to building a dialogue with customers. It is also my intentions to utilize social  media as a tool to create a dialogue with those who are most vulnerable in society (elderly, youth, disadvantaged). It’s not about money or keeping a business interactive with its customers, it’s about social interaction. JGrahms


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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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