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Different Social Media Channels for Different Organizations-BSB

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Not all social media channels work for every organization. Each social media channels performs a unique task. It is up to the organizations which social media channels will best support its mission and help get the word out.

I recently read that Target will be partnering with Pinterest. I my self have been wondering how will companies use Pinterest. My one example is West Elm. I was scanning West Elm’s site and I saw a sweepstakes that directed me to West Elm’s Pinterest page instructing me to pin and comment on West Elm items for a chance to win. Target’s presence on Pinterest will be more distinguished. Target and Pinterest teaming up is a way for Target to break into the social media frenzy and engage its audience. Pinterest is partnered with only a few companies. Pinterest is not for every organization.

However, Facebook can work for you if you have a product, a cause you want to create awareness  or for those crowdsourceing. Facebook is a diverse platform. I discovered as I solicit for silent auction items and contact various organizations I click on the Facebood page icon to get more information which I usually can than from the website.

Another example of  a social media channel with particular uses is LinkedIn. “LinkedIn is the go-to platform for business to business interaction. This site focuses not on consumers, but on businesses and professional careers. If you are looking to add to staff, for example, you can use LinkedIn to find high-quality candidates and review their credentials before setting up an interview.” (Tarkoff). Some organizations rely on volunteers and interns.

All groups and organizations are different it is up to the company to figure out what is best for their culture.

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