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Choosing the Right Social Media Channels


I am going to end my blog posts on a more personal note for a change of pace. As part of a recent fellowship experience, I was asked to create a Facebook page for my church. The problem is, the demographics of our church consist primarily of two groups not inclined to use Facebook: seniors and very young kids.

 The truth is, our church is best served through a simple website at this point in time. But creating this Facebook group was a requirement, so I did as I was asked. But as of today, we have four members in our group. And I am really the only one who posts anything. It’s exciting stuff…except not really.

The process of putting together this page was useful, however, because it made me think about which social media channels, or setting within a social media channel, is best for an organization.

With regards to Facebook, a private group as opposed to a page made more sense considering our size. This way we can communicate among ourselves, share pictures etc. and it is private. We simply do not have enough members to make the time spent updating and trying to engage through a page worth the effort. However, if we were a bigger church, a Facebook page would be more appropriate to engage the public.

I should add that there are a few more members of the church who want to join our group page, but don’t know how to use Facebook. Sometime next month I have committed to hold a little workshop for those who want to set up a personal Facebook page and learn more about how to use the channel.

So, instead of four members, our page may end up with a whopping six!! Hey, it’s a start, right?

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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

2 thoughts on “Choosing the Right Social Media Channels

  1. I have yet to set up a Facebook page for a group or organization but as I look at the various FB pages I see what is important and attractive. I would be happy with six:)-BSB

  2. Create Buzz
    talk about it post pictures and clips
    schedule of events,link to other fellowships and bible studies, bible quote a day….
    they will come around

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