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A closer look: Macy’s maximizes social media channels to reach customers

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I find it’s easier to understand concepts when I have an example in mind. So, I am going to use Macy’s as an example of an organization that utilizes certain media channels to promote their products, and creates relevant and meaningful content to keep their customers tuned in.

The key to Macy’s social media success is that they do not use one blanket engagement method, but tailor their messages to fit each social media channel. One of the most successful tools of engagement for Macy’s is their “Backstage Pass” program. Through the use of QR codes or a photo, a video of a celebrity partner is queued to offer advice to customers.

Macy’s further encourages the use of the “Backstage Pass” initiative by offering a chance to win a $500 shopping spree that day. There’s nothing to lose and $500 to gain, right? Also, I’d imagine the celebrities enjoy getting a more hands-on experience with their base to give their particular brand more authenticity.

Macy’s uses their YouTube channel to expand the “Backstage Pass” feature, loading up all of their videos for consumers who want more extensive information. Macy’s also maximizes its Facebook page by promoting featured items with bright, bold pictures, and posing questions to engage their Facebook friends.

On Twitter the approach is different, as Macy’s routinely Retweets consumers, gives real-time info about events or product launches, and holds contests. Twitter doesn’t display photos as easily as Facebook, so Macy’s tailors its message to the strengths that Twitter does have.

Lastly, Macy’s and Pinterest go hand-in-hand, as Pinterest’s users are primarily female, and fashion is one of the top topics on that particular channel. You better believe Macy’s loves Pinterest and utilizes it to its fullest!

Overall, Macy’s promotes the same products on its social media channels, but tailors its message to exploit the strengths of each channel.


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One thought on “A closer look: Macy’s maximizes social media channels to reach customers

  1. I didn’t realize that Macy’s was so social media swavy, got give an applause! Thank you for the nice insight!-BSB

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