The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.

So many channels, so little time. -KH

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The amount of social media channels almost seem to reflect the amount of channels you get with cable tv. But how many of those  channels are something that interest you or are relevant. Most people only watch a couple channels that reflect their interests. Social media is like this too.

If you have a business, there is no way you could stay on top of all the social media channels. The best thing to do is pick between 1-3 and do them well. If you already use one frequently (I practically live on Facebook, others may prefer Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, etc), see if you can fit that into your business. You are already comfortable with the platform, so the learning curve is low. Then, you could use that time to teach yourself another channel or two, or use another staff person (if you have one!) who is passionate about another channel or wants a new challenge to work on that channel.

I just came across a site this afternoon after my friend posted a query on Facebook, trying to find out the name of a children’s book she liked. I went to a site she mentioned and it is pre-historic social media. The site is Loganberry Books. One can search for books they have forgotten the title of, and maybe just have foggy memories of the plot. It is cumbersome to use and recently they switched to using WordPress for their site. The format of the first site takes me back in time to when conversing on the web was much more cumbersome versus the clean design of WordPress, which we have become accustomed to. I managed to find two books on there that I have been searching for for years! And another one that I didn’t realize I had forgotten the title of and randomly came across. A third title is still eluding me, but now that I am aware of the site, when I have more time, I will be doing a lot of research. It is quite a distraction to blogging!

I think the fact that the owner left up the old site recognizes all the hard work, and that people who like to still read books will have the patience to sort through the listings on there. Kind of like the old-fashioned card catalogs or the  micro-fiche (and wow, micro fiche was quite a technology changer). The book store owner knows her audience well that book readers have a lot of imagination and memories.

Stump the Bookseller is on Twitter and and I wonder if she could figure out answers to people’s questions with the limits of characters allowed on Twitter.



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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

One thought on “So many channels, so little time. -KH

  1. Thanks for the introduction of a new media site. Very informative!-BSB

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