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Listening and Monitoring and Pespi

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The most successful businesses use social media to listen to what their customers are saying about them and to what their customers think about their competitors.  They listen so they can learn more about their consumers’ aspirations, challenges and concerns.

 I sometimes get the feeling that businesses don’t know the difference between listening and monitoring. I see more often them yelling out their message especially on social media. I am turned off by this. Some businesses only use social media to sell their products or services. It gets really old.

 A better way is to listen and engage your audience. Create content about the business and then engage in the conversations going on around you.  Give people a reason to talk about the business.

Use sites that will reach your target audience. For example, Diet Pepsi’s primary customers are Gen X women.  So, they tend to focus their social media efforts on Pinterest.  Or, with their Brisk iced tea brand, they tend to go for more of an “edgy feel” so when Instagram first came out, they focused their efforts there.  They felt that the early users of Instagram aligned with the same people they were targeting as drinkers of Brisk. This is a good example of how Pespi demonstrated both listening and monitoring. – DH


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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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