The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.

Considerations to reach your customers and supporters. -KH

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I think it is important to know your audience when selecting which social media channels to use. If you are encouraging people to do  D-I-Y art or construction projects, then Pinterest and Youtube are great channels. You can sell your items by showcasing projects and have step-by-step instructional videos. Again, if you sell fashion, then Pinterest could be useful for showcasing recent trends or ideas of putting outfits together.

Facebook seems to be a standard channel for a lot of groups and organizations. It has over a billion users around the world and a lot of people are familiar with the platform. It is a great place to engage in conversations with a lot of customers or supporters. One can throw out a post that a sale or happy hour will be coming up or ask how people feel about a topic.

Twitter seems to attract people who are succinct in their messaging, this is a great way to spread news or links to other sites with more information. I think this is another great way to pass along specials or coupons. Twitter has also been used in emergency situations for quicker updates than what the news could offer.

Yelp is a good site for people to be able to review businesses. This could be a great way to engage with customers. If someone has a negative experience, please don’t bash the reviewer but address what the concern was and try to fix it if that is possible.

I think one of the most important thing across any line of social media communication is to stay on top of whatever channel you pick and report on a regular schedule so your followers know when to expect to hear from you. So many people get excited about social media and post for a while and then drop off and become sporadic posters. People lose interest then.



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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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