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We Hear You Talking, But Is Anyone Still Listening? TMJ

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Mike Jeffries current CEO of  Abercrombie & Fitch has been credited for breathing new life into the once dying company. In 2006 he gave an interview with Salon Magazine about the brand. In the interview Mike was asked why his company failed to make plus size clothing. His response was shocking.

Facebook post

Facebook post

Now seven years later the interview has gone viral. People are so upset they have called for a boycotting of the brand. Why now?  Has the attitude toward this topic changed that much? Were the offensive words he spoke not as offensive seven years ago?

FACEBOOK , TWITTER and YOUTUBE has spoken and everybody is listening.

Social media has a major effect on  the way we get our news.  It also affects our attitudes toward the news we receive. Jeffries was called to respond to his remarks.

Listening to Social media in regards to this story, people are not mad because Abercrombie is exclusionary. Most companies do have a target market. However what I have found is that people are upset about the way the CEO chose to address the issue.Everyone deserves to be respected. Don’t put others down to make yourself seem more superior.

Now he has found himself having to back paddle in order to provide the company some damage control. His press release was a total contradiction of his previous statements. I, as a reader found no sincerity in it. Pure Public Relations Garbage (IMO)


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