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How many worthwhile posts on social media get buried

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Who could know, given the volume of tweets, posts and blogs out there. How many stories, quotes, reflections of much substance, get any notice? I’m not saying there aren’t any, it just makes me wonder. Even if someone could live on social media how would anyone  know without coming across it by chance.

I know some people may say the form for blogging and micro-blogging don’t permit length enough for anything of much importance, but such words denoting brevity for wit and wisdom such as, pithy, concise, the bon mot, the proverb, the apt verse, all denote most anything that could fit in a tweet.

A wise man, maybe the wisest ever, King Solomon author of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes said once, ” A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in networks of silver.”

A big influence in my life and a superb public speaker, once advised me that wordiness and circumlocution are the enemy of real eloquence. Someone we both knew was someone he alluded to as the wordy type and just bringing any of this other man’s speaking to mind made that abundantly clear.

Sometimes I think rules of speaking seem to be re-inventing the wheel ad infinitum, but who doesn’t feel life is too short to sit and listen to someone ramble on. Twitter meaningfully, once-in-a-while, Post thoughtfully at least one time out of ten.

So just something to get out from up my nose. Nothing splenetic. So, keep it short keep it concise, say something worthwhile.











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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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