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How to Handle Positive & Negative Comments on SM by Sierra Leone K. Samuels

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For most of my blogs I will be blogging from my own experience, as I do manage a non-profit’s SM sites, along with my son’s SM sites. For this particular blog I am going to use a good example from one of my son’s, Jamal “Shango” James professional boxing matches against Corey Rodriguez. In MN this was one of the biggest fights of the year. There was a lot of hype for this fight on various SM sites, positive and negaitve. It was extremely hard for me to take some of the negative comments that were posted before the fight, as well as after the fight. Jamal won the fight in the 7th round due to a TKO (it was scheduled for 8 rounds). There was a lot of controversy on social media sites after the fight from Boxing fans regarding theoutcome, including many negative comments about Jamal. Here is one blog with comments that took place, some good and some bad, including my own comment regarding remarks that were being made about the fight. Icould no longer keep my mouth shut, but I did my best to do it tactfully and respectfully: MNBoxingLeague.com. Here is the video from the fight as well (for those that would like to see for yourself).

When I first read many of the negative comments, I automatically was angry and frustrated and my initial reaction was to respond in a negative and disrespectful way. However, realizing that professional boxing is a business and you cannot take things personally when dealing with business I had to learn self control and really analyze the situation and respond in a way that was intelligent, factual, and respectful. On socialmediatoday they list “12 Priniciples for Responding to Negative Online Comments,” which I find to be extremely helpful and good advice.

OAN – I’m trying to hang with the published Paige Elliot when it comes to these posts. Following one of the best in our cohort 😉


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One thought on “How to Handle Positive & Negative Comments on SM by Sierra Leone K. Samuels

  1. I recently encountered negativism on one of my media channels I wanted to shout back but realized that was not going to help my point I was trying to make. Its hard to refraim but necessary-BSB

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