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How do you engage your audience? SSJ

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Engagement. It is a word we hear multiple times a day within the social  media world. It is descriptive of the relationship we are trying to build and  nurture with (internal and external) stakeholders, one where we are not only  sending marketing messages, but we are receiving messages back from the  consumers/stakeholders as well. Traditional marketing platforms-distributed  marketing messages to audiences, where social media is a tool for two-way social  engagement. No longer is the target audience passive. Technology has advanced and audiences are more active and engaging more then ever before.

After reading many articles on audience engagement, here are ten tips that I would like to share:

  1. Find content that will resonate with your followers/fans. This is a  basic skill but worth repeating. The more the viewer can identify with what you  post, the more likely they will be to share or reply (thus engagement).
  2. Be sure content is easy to consume and respond to via mobile  devices. Mobile is quickly becoming a mainstream way for consumers to view  and engage. However, many businesses are not ensuring content is adjusted for  mobile.
  3. Post photos and videos. Photos are shown to increase engagement  tremendously. Consider posting behind the scenes photos of your business, recent  functions, or even share photos of your customers using your product (with their  permission of course).  However, not all photos (or content for that  matter) should be of your products, services, or offers.  You may also want  to ask your audience to share photos.
  4. Offer contests or sweepstakes. I like the idea of contests, but be  careful not to over use this tactic. Nothing says spam (in my opinion) like  posting and re-posting about a contest on my Facebook or Twitter Feed. This will  be a quick way for folks to un-follow you, remove you from their feeds, or opt  out of email.
  5. Post some clever questions. These types of posts will inevitably  spark a discussion that could provide valuable insight on your target audience.  You could also incorporate a poll on Facebook or your blog.
  6. Show that you are listening by responding to each and every comment  on your Social Profile (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  7. Post infographics that your target audience will appreciate. Again,  this goes back to providing content that is relevant and resonates with your  target. If it meets these criteria, it will likely be shared or commented  on.
  8. Be sure you have created multiple ways to share easily. This could  be as simple as making sure your tweet is not too long so that when re-tweeted  there is enough room for the link and a message, or by adding various sharing  buttons to blog pages.  Make sharing as easy as possible for the  reader, follower, fan etc.
  9. Include a little humor. Incorporate some fun into your  Facebook posts, Tweets, Pinterest, Google+ etc.
  10. Pay attention to the calendar. Content related to holidays and seasons will be very timely and most folks love  holidays and everything that goes along with it.

These tips are in no particualar order but I have used each and everyone of them and all have encouraged great audience engagement.


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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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