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Media LOVE Turned UGLY

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Since  2007 the public has been obsessed with the Kardashian Family.  Kim Kardashian shot to fame after a sex tape featuring her with ex boyfriend R&B singer RAY J was leaked. Rumor has it, that the tape was handed over to the media by Kim herself. Those rumors were never confirmed however, Kim seized the opportunity to capitalize off its circulation. The scandal lead to deal after deal including a family reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.

The media could not get enough of the sultry curvy exotic beauty.  She graced the covers of every magazine from tabloid news to Playboy and Vogue. Her image was everywhere. There seemed to be no limit. Kim had become a multi million dollar success from a sex tape and good PR management .

appearing on the cover of Vegas Magazine

Kim Kardashian appearing on the cover of Vegas Magazine

Kim seemed to be on top of the world.  She even married a handsome NBA player Kris Humphries after less than a year of courtship. With two spin-off shows and a two-part televised wedding, Kim Kardashian was a multi media goddess. Then things took a turn for the worst. After only seventy-two days of marriage Kim filed for divorce which created an even crazier media storm. Speculation are that the wedding was staged for publicity. The press completely turned on Kim calling her a money hungry self consumed fraud.

Now while still legally married to Kris Humphries, Kim is dating  rapper Kanye West. The couple is expecting their first baby together. This is where it gets down right ugly. Tabloid news along with social media have been out-and-out nasty toward her. Never have I witnessed so many negative things said about a pregnant woman. The memes are countless. Not to mention all the truly unflattering photos, some of which have been photo shopped to make her appear bigger.

In this cover she was compared to Shamu the Killer Whale

In this cover she was compared to Shamu the Killer Whale

This meme pokes fun of her poor fashion choice and size

This meme pokes fun of her poor fashion choice and size

Every angle of this one is bad

Every angle of this one is bad

To make matters even worse her ex boyfriend Ray J released a single “I Hit It First”. The song puts Kim’s sexual conquest  ON BLAST .

How much can one person take?  Does she really deserve this? How cowardly is it to constantly attack a pregnant woman? Why is media so shameless?

Kim has yet to address the media or RayJ. She has been playing it cool focusing on her new relationship and being in “Love”. I believe she knows in a few more months the press will be on her side again. They will all be after a story and trying to get the first baby photo opportunity. Knowing Kim and her style of business I sure she already has a plan. TMJ

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