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How to select the right channel(s)…creating relevant & meaningful content? by Juan Jose Palacios

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How to identify a Social Media Influencer and How to select the right channel(s) for your organization? Once you’ve selected a channel, how do you create relevant and meaningful content for your audiences?

These are very important questions. While each question can have it’s own answer; my intent is to push the envelope and advance the topic to more effective marketing as a whole. And how are the channels being used?  To identify the more important recipient of the messages, the identity of the influencer holds the key to communicate in Social Media.  With the influencer in mind, give them what’s relevant to them, and they will pass the information to their social networks in their own voice. 

The short answer:

  1. Be clear about the topic, or product, which you’re seeking to be talked about.
  2. Identify the words people use in social media when discussing the topic.
  3. Find the influencers for specific topics through qualitative and quantitive means
  4. Review and grow the rock stars.

The long version:

Identifying influencers begins with who is passionate about the topic.  A person who is influential on financial services or engineering is probably not passionate about unemployment or the difficulties on getting adequate daycare of an uneducated single parent.  Selling services or products can also be different from each other. 

There can be two tiers of influential people in a supply chain the professionals and academics such as journalists, advisors and industry analysts. 

Key words and popular culture are the fundamental elements to communicate, so there is a need to nail down the context of what’s important.  There is also the option of showing what the conditions are and where we need to be.  We have a problem and we need this solution.   The simplest way that we can tell the “why” for the calling will be the best chance we have to create effective communication.

What is the return on investment? Cast, gather and measure the influencer’s quality and quantity.  There are services that could gather what you need if there is enough money.  Hardcore data mining and computational wizardry is not cheap. A geographic perspective has to be taken into account depending on the objective.

Review is always needed.  Return on investment of influencers needs to be reviewed to see the quantitatively influence on Twitter, Facebook and whatever is the preferred medium of communication.    Look at the content they’re producing on their blogs, forums or groups and other online communities.  Do people respond to the content in the form of comments, replies and answers? How?

Finding the rock stars by reviewing fundamental tools and combining them with quality content can produce a picture with happy outcomes. Elements that can be used to review are:

  • Potential to reach with the platform they have.
  • Expertise to take the information that is given, expand on it or put a spin on it to influence their crowd. 
  • How relevant to the objective are the members in the circle.
  • Indicators of credibility are tied to the activities, the reputation and the language used.

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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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