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Will McDonald’s still “be in touch” in light of Charles Ramsey’s past criminal record?

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Well, that didn’t take long…but I can’t say I didn’t see it coming. Yeah, the Smoking Gun just had to go diggin’ into Charles Ramsey’s past: ten years ago he was convicted of domestic violence against his wife. He served his time.

I felt it was only right that I do a follow-up to my previous blog about the topic. But I really hate this angle of the story. I hate that the media seems to love to build people up only to drag them down. I don’t take the issue of domestic violence lightly, but I fail to see how it’s relevant to this story. How does Ramsey’s past change what he did to free the women held captive for ten years?

What I found heartening was the comment section of the Smoking Gun article and elsewhere, where people expressed resentment and disgust for the media’s need to dig up dirt on Ramsey, dampening the one bright spot of this tragic story. The comments below are indicative of the majority I’ve seen online thus far:


There was one comment in particular that touched on what really bothered me about the Smoking Gun’s reporting:


Are we saying that we need to be perfect to be considered a hero? I would hate for people to not answer a call for help for fear that the media would then shine the spotlight a little too bright on their past.

Lastly, I wonder if McDonald’s will show Ramsey the same loyalty he’s shown their menu, in light of the latest “news” about him? Will they make good on their Tweet and still get “in touch”?

McDonald’s already made some people uncomfortable by inserting themselves further into this story to begin with. Turning their back on Ramsey as soon as the media digs up his past would confirm to their critics that they really are a heartless corporation looking for some good, cheap publicity. We all know that’s exactly what they are, but too much honesty can be bad for your brand!

McDonald’s has a good marketing team, from what I’ve seen. So I’m sure they will survey public opinion and see that their association with Ramsey is still good for their bottom line. The good deed Ramsey did recently is why he’s in the news, and people love a redemption story.

Update: Charles Ramsey addressed the issue himself, telling TMZ , “Those incidents helped me become the man I am today and are the reason why I try to help the community as much as I can … including those women.”  Perfect response.  Something tells me with or without McDonald’s or anyone else’s endorsement, Charles Ramsey will be just fine.


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One thought on “Will McDonald’s still “be in touch” in light of Charles Ramsey’s past criminal record?

  1. Something tells me someone should hire Charles Ramsey to do PR, because he knows how to work it. Smart guy!

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