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LG Smart Phone and other appliances demonstrated by farout Gary Busey gets negative reactions from viewers

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This article here discusses Celebrity Apprentice that did a show promoting LG smart phone, LED 54 inch LED  tv and other appliances. It was great to watch the show and the amazing new technology LG has come up with and everything can work off your phone. What will they think of next? I asked that and so did Gary Busey,  the Project Manager for Plan B, one of the competing  teams on Celebrity Apprentice. He got stuck on next LG will introduce the mechanical dog. What was he talking about? Now he is on national tv and he is so far out there in space. Busey has behaved very irrationally and it is obvious that he has minimal computer skills. Letting him be Project Manager was a risk but he needed to be fired, and I am so glad it finally happened. What amazed me is that Mr. Trump seemed to almost believe him and be fooled by his crazy behaviors.  He said some lies about his team and it angered me and I am sure many of others. He made many negative comments. But look at the ratings he got. Checking online about what people were saying after the show was aired last night I am amazed how Gary stirred things up in social media. He seems to know how to get attention. I thought he would have more negative comments than I have seen. If I got negative comments I would try to explain myself, or at least my thinking at the time. I think if negative comments result that it is a learning tool and all can benefit from those comments.

Of course we focus on the few negative comments verses the positive ones that we can grow from just as well as the negative ones. Negative comments go further in a person’s mind. There will always be people who disagree with my comments or blogging, I can use social media to grow in my knowledge base.

Watching Celebrity Apprentice showed me that even though I felt Gary Busey needed to go and was the weakest link,  not all viewers agree or felt the same way. *I guess learning to use social media has presented the fact that we all think a bit differently and it is easy to offend someone with my beliefs so be tactful and considerate when I use social media to express my feelings but I will always experience some controversy, so expect it and be open to explaining my views. Thanks. Karen B

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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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