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Handling Controversy on Social Media-The Good, The Bad & The Internet-SSJ

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Although I don’t get any negative feedback on social media, I did some research on ways to handle that type of situation. First, identify the criticism. After identification, it’s time for strategy. Whether you’ll have one person monitoring or responding, or a slew of employees, it’s important to be responsive. Handling negative feedback by just deleting it is not smart. (Which is what I would have done). However, the internet is more accessible than ever, and people are quick to take screenshots. The deletion of comments can also further alienate the consumer. It’s also important to respond as quickly as possible. Letting something sit can lead to further infuriating the customer and make an easy fix into a difficult. When you are responding, keep in mind you’ll never have full control of a social media conversation; meaning, everything can be interpreted differently throughout all audience members. )Just like in person but it’s much worse on the internet:(
If you have multiple social media accounts, there are tools out there to help make responding to feedback easier. Platforms like Hootsuite allow you to put all your accounts in one place. It’s especially great if you plan on having multiple employees respond to feedback, as it organizes everything by different “streams” and shows who is responding to what.
No one likes negative feedback, but by responding to it-one can turn it into a positive, all the while showing others within your network how you can go about making things right. Don’t let the potential for negative feedback steer you away from social media either – whether you are on there or not, people will take to the medium to voice their opinion on your company. SSJ

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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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