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bombers suck and don’t deserve social media attention

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The Boston Bombers have broken my heart. I will never understand how people can hate and want to hurt others and not care if  or who they hurt. Social media has made it so easy to follow what is happening whether good or negative in our society. I think it is important to know what occurs in America but with social media these bombers got so much attention and they don’t deserve it. I wonder if they did it just for the glory that social media gives them. It is impossible to stop the talk once social media has wind of the news, good or bad.

Social media gives us a chance to be our best and then receive glory for it, not slaughtering people senselessly. I value finding out what is happening around me but don’t give criminals any extended attention, they don’t deserve it. I realize it is tough to control what others are chatting about. Social media needs to be selective and focused to prevent bad guys getting attention and fame.

When CNN followed the search for the younger bomber, just too much attention was given to them. Less time on the arrest of this guy would have been ok with me. Then the endless reports about his condition in the hospital didn’t matter much to me. I just hope he talks and we can figure out this crazy motive or any other plans we need to abort.


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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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