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Adding Value to Social Media Posts

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Expanding your communication scope and the influence of your message, depends on using interactivity and enriching  your post’s content and visual interest. WordPress has some nice features offering the user flexibility in adding useful things such as, SEO, to engage wider audience participation. Providing outside verification and positive input from satisfied followers can create more validity for your post or website. As long as one isn’t  cursorily throwing something “out there”, to take up internet space, due deliberation and thoughtful design gives your post a better chance at being considered and engaged, bringing it a wider potential audience.

According to WordPress-wikipedia, WordPress Plugins allow customization, offering the option to tailor a website to ones own liking and to create ones own blog space for reaching a target community.  Other custom features include Archives, Images, recent Posts and Categories, among other offerings such as Widgets.

The value of having an engaged audience for a post or website can be equal to the value of having one at all. Deliberation on what you are offering your audience of value to them. Of value to the content author is having a following and being published in an internet arena. Being published can in turn give an author Subject Matter Expertise and create a constituency of loyal followers.

In this day of many internet platforms, artisinal publishing is an option for getting published in ways that were odds on against a large majority of writers


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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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