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Adding Value to Social Media by JP

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Reading http://goo.gl/IE2WE Social Media Marketing Best Practices… I find this article a mix bag that I can’t totally agree with but it has it’s good points.  It starts out with a catchy what appears to be a profound statement such as love, hate, eat, pray… blah, blah, blah. What I can agree with is that Word of Mouth is best served cold and best if it is genuine.  Know Your Audience and Target Market is the fundamental truth to selling anything. Forget about getting a following, if it happens it happens and you done a good job, you got content and a best of all a product or a service to sell or you missed the boat, the train has left the station, move on.  The remainder of this article on being conversational But Not Rude; You don’t Own Your Facebook Wall; Treat Competition with Respect are sections that could have been left out and it would have made a more concise article.  If we could all capitalize on having the right product at the right time, etc. we would all have been a success and the ills of society be a thing of the past.  but is not going to stop me from trying to introduce a new product/service and grant me the wealth and the patience to present it in a different a more efficient way if I fell the first time. A product or service that adds value to society via any media, and not overly express the catchy words and phrases that sound  better in our heads than actually come out of our word of mouth some of the time. Some times there are things that we say that we can’t take back.  Just let me have another cheese burger, please! JP



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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

One thought on “Adding Value to Social Media by JP

  1. Great post! I would argue, however, that the part about not owning your own wall is a very important thing to remember with social media. The comments you get from others can be just as valuable to you as the things you post yourself. Anyone else want to chime in with their view?

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