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PT- How to Add Value in Blogging

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Time and again we hear that we need to add value in our use of social media.  If the message does not drive results, why bother?  With social media being ever-more important in business, doing it right is crucial.  The question is, "How?"

The post from the link below focuses on blogging, and specifically about how to get more value from your blogging.  The goal of a blog, and for any social media for that matter,  is to drive customers to action.  That action is often to “buy”, “give” or .  If you wanted to write a diary, you wouldn’t need to blog.  So some of the ideas put forth by Corey Eridon in the link below are appropriate for us to consider.

Much of what Eridon refers to is driven by Analytics.  Knowing where your traffic is coming from and what they are clicking on will help you increase your traffic.  It will help you see what other channels may be adding value, and which are not.  That will allow you to improve your effectiveness in each medium.  In fact, if a particular medium is not helping drive results, why bother?

In addition, you can see if your messages are effective Calls to Action.  The content of your blog is not the only important aspect to consider.  Rather, what other links, banners, headers and footers do you use on your blog, and how are they driving action?



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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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