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I Don’t Get It: Catching Up With Social Media Late in Life – Part 4

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Foursquare is a Whole New Ball Game

Part 4


Yes, I still remember being the Queen of foursquare at recess!  Today Foursquare is a whole new ball game. It’s an application for your phone and a website. Want to gather some friends for a party? The site does all the work for you.      But those who show up at this party early, get rewarded! As guests arrive, they “check-in” once at the location. The site collects fun stats on who came and when and guest contact information.  Guests can log in and get a map and directions and see reviews of the place before attending. It’s fun!  And everybody wins.

foursquare-badges When I first heard about people logging into a site to “check-in” so other people will know where they are and what they’re doing, I thought it was a pointless waste of a narcissist’s time.  I mean, really -who cares?

But the more I looked into it, the more I realize this application/website offers a lot of creative ways businesses can attract customers. Businesses can have freebies, giveaways or rewards for the first number of people who “check-in” on a given day- an extra incentive to get to the party early!

Customers can earn badges   foursquare-badges-only of all kinds and even be the “Mayor” of a location if they frequent it enough. This is huge bragging rights for them, and great influential power for the business to tap into.


foursquare-calloutImagine spontaneously calling a gathering of your friends and you don’t have to do any planning! Just check-in and tell your friends to and they’ll get all the information they need to find you.

 It really is the playground social game of today. Check out the excerpts below from http://www.foursquare.com  for more information.

Here’s a quick guide for what you’ll see when you open up the app:

The friends tab shows a live-stream of check-ins, tips, and updates from friends, the brands they love, and the businesses they frequent. When people check in or leave a tip, it’s digitally broadcast to all their friends.

The Explore tab is where people search for inspiration, whether they’re looking for a meal or a fun outing. Our Explore search engine provides personalized recommendations for the best place to go.

Businesses show up in the Explore tab when people search for places nearby.

People tap through to location pages to find hours, photos, and tips others have left about those places.

 The profile tab includes personal stats, photos, tips, badges, and lists. It’s also where people can access settings, find friends and brands to follow, connect apps, and more.

foursquare_logo1offers free tools to help you attract and reward customers.

Whether you manage a single location or national chain, you can:

  Get Discovered

Did you know that your business might already be listed on Foursquare? Claim your business to manage your listing and get access to our free tools and data.

 Engage and Reward Customers

Attract new customers or reward loyal ones by posting updates, listing events, or offering specials

 to entice people to stop by your business.

Monitor Foot Traffic

Use our free analytics to learn more about your real-world customers.

                        See more at http://business.foursquare.com/basics/tour/





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