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#6 Blog: A Real Social Media Campaign That Worked – Part II

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When creating a social media plan, the components involved in the plan are basically the same ones you use when creating a marketing plan. However, in this case you’re focusing your plan on utilizing social media platforms to market your idea.

In my last blog, I began to outline the process I took in creating a social media campaign that resulted in getting an organization on the national stage. Yes, the parties are still top secret, but the ideas and the some of the content behind the plan, I will share in hopes that it will provide you with fodder for your next plan.

Here is a recap of the first four steps/ areas I believe are critical to start with when building a strong social media campaign:

1.  Start by naming the project
2.  Craft a project “Summary”
3.  Define the “Marketing Strategy”
4.  Slogan

The next steps that I believe are critical to creating a rock solid social media plan are…

5.  List project “Goals” – Outline the goals each party in the project has. Give further explanation and detail when possible. This will help you focus in on your path and clarify the steps you will take to reaching the overall goal of the project.

Example: To have communication/Public Relations collateral in all communication mediums:

          • Send an E-newsletter/JA Special Announcement
            • Special Requirements:   Send two separate announcements: Upon announcement and day prior BIG PUSH.
          • Generate social media and word of mouth buzz:
            • Special Requirements:
              • Facebook:
                • Send message immediately upon announcement
                • Pre-schedule daily message to post during key times: around lunch hour or mid-day (after 3:00pm)

                • Slogan “Vote NOW! Vote OFTEN!”

                • Note for others to “LIKE” and “SHARE”

6.  Create Drafts of Post Copy – This is the stage I noted in the Part I that many of us tend to jump right into when starting a project. In this stage you draft out possible copy ideas that you might use in your campaign.

Example, write out copy with hashtags, etc that you might use with Twitter.

        • Help #[NAME] to win $25,000! Visit XXXXXXXXX and vote XXXX XXXXX as XXX of the year! Voting is unlimited. Vote Now!
        • Don’t miss your chance to HELP XX win XXXXXXX!. Visit XXXXXXX and vote for XXXX XXXXX as XXXX of the year.

Let this content help you in your next social media plan. Although basic, these key areas/steps helped me get an organization on the national stage.  – SS


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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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