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They Better Not Trade Him

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Percy Harvin

The Vikings better not make that mistake like they did with Rice.  They traded Rice then needed a wide-reciever.  If they just knew how to spread the ball around more they would’nt have to worrie about Harvin getting hurt.  Why don’t they know how to work Joe Web into the offense? Why can’t they mix things up a few series by running the wild cat simular to the 49ers?  When was the last fake anything that you seen the Vikings attempt?  These are coaching issues. Sorry! Plain sorry!  I would spread Peterson out wide with the reciever on one side, Harvin and Web out on the otherside and put Gearhard in the backfield. The Vikings can get the opponents deep!  There is too much speed to cover  and they all can catch right!  I give the coach some credit because he did attempt to hit Peterson from a wide out position!  I had been saying this all along. Imagine the four that I mentioned wide out.  Gearhard should be able to break off good yards on the decoy up the middle.  Get it? Up the middle fake pass deep! They better not trade Percy Harvin!  AD



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One thought on “They Better Not Trade Him

  1. I will take this a couple of steps further. The Viking franchise has a history in recent memory of owners and GM’s who either interfere with the Head Coach’s decisions, or make poor choices in hiring coaches. That is too bad for the Viking Fans who have suffered everything from average seasons to a stellar season of 15 and 1, only to have the team choke so badly that they earned their purple jerseys. If anyone gets tired of this I know a team that is close and is very festive for St. Patrick’s Day.

    But now from a social media view… If they really want to squash the rumors of a trade, they are not using PR channels very well. Is there subtext here, or just incompetence?


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