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So, How do you get that article off of Google?

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Its story time

Through a client, a reputable financial consultant found out that a reporter published a story about him with damaging information about supposed ethical violations. The reporter never reached the consultant for a comment according to Mark Macias’ article.  The consultant found out about the article 3 months after it was published.

Do we really need to bring out the guns?

Do we really need to bring out the guns?

What to do

Instead of getting angry, get productive. A crisis communication plan in place can help you move quickly to remove the content before it has a chance of being indexed by other search engines. First, try to reach the reporter, and then the publisher if the reporter does not respond.

If you still hear crickets, then enact a crisis plan. Here are some examples of tactics to use in the plan.

1. Go after the decision makers or the people who finance the publication, which includes the publisher, city editors, executive producers, and most important: the legal counsel for the publication.

2. Understand the difference between libel, slander and opinion.

3. Don’t wait. Go after the website’s owners immediately.

4. Push the article off the first Google page with new content.

5. Once the page is removed, you need to write a letter to all the search engines to make sure the page is no longer indexed.

You don’t have to agree

As the article concludes, don’t make the mistake taking someone’s opinion as libel or slander. Just because you do not like what a reporter or a blogger says, does not mean you can block them. Definitely know the difference between libel, slander, and opinion!

Can't we all be happy?

Can’t we all be happy?


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