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No tennis today

No tennis today

The Darkside of Social Media

Canadian tennis pro, Rebecca Marino, has announced she is quitting the sport. This 22 year-old was once ranked in the top 40 players in the world, and now is weakened by cyberbullying while battling depression. From a conference call with reporters, Marino quotes messages she received as “go die,” “burn in hell,” or blaming her for money lost from betting on her. She is not only stepping away from tennis, but deleting her Facebook and Twitter accounts. The story.

Social Media Legacy

While a study reports cyberbullying is supposedly less common than bullying, what does the future mean? Marino states that she has fought depression for six years, and now social media is a contributing factor in her decision to leave tennis. It saddens me that this young adult who could use the sport to feel good about herself, has it taken away from her with this abuse of social media.

We see how cyberstalking is increasing year to year and people need to understand the danger posed. But cyberbullying, even bullying is too often seen as someone being thin-skinned or can’t take a joke. People need to start acting now to enact laws and legislation before cyberbullying becomes an epidemic.


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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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