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A new strategy for your PR campaigns, the “Attention Wave”

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Trains are the least of our worries.

Trains are the least of our worries.

While the content is interesting, I have a problem with the way Kim Harrison presents the article on his website, Cutting Edge PR. His website offers a variety of free articles focused on and about Public Relations. In this particular article he references a blog by Dan York called Disruptive Conversations. Dan’s inspiring blog post about the “Attention Wave” is copied verbatim on Kim’s. Go look. I am not kidding.

Here is my problem. When looking at Kim’s version, yes he says that Dan has written this article in small type. At the top of the page, in much larger, bold type is “by Kim Harrison.” It may be just semantics, but the way Kim presents this information, it looks like is more his work. In this day of information overload, how many people will pay attention to that introduction or even think it through. Kim’s website appears to be a channel to sell himself and his services, and I hope that this just came down to how he formats his articles for posting rather than an ethical issue.

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If you have not gone to either link, please do. The article lays out a well thought out PR plan across multiple channels. Dan tells you the what, the why, and how of the process. I think that this article is a good companion piece to the methods taught in school over the last nine months.



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