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#5 Blog: A Real Social Media Campaign That Worked – Part I

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Recently I was asked to help an organization with a public relations plan that played on the national stage. Although I have to keep them, and the other involved partnering anonymous, I think sharing certain aspects of the project might help you in your social media planning.

Many times I find that several of my social media cohorts in the industry, including myself, tend to blow past the basic planning stages of a project. Instead we like to jump right into the middle of the process, drafting content and copy. We all get caught in the thought that, I’ve done this a thousand times, so why bother with creating the basic aspects of the plan; clarifying project summary, mission, vision, and defining the strategy of the project. However, I have found that if I do not start with the basic building blocks of a plan, it is inevitable that I will end up spending more time back tracking to get all partners on the same page.

Without going into great detail, here is how I approached the “secret” project. Much of this may be elementary to you. Yes, some of these items are basic things you learned in introduction to Marketing or Social Media courses.

1. Start by naming the Project – Create one concise sentence that explains what the project is for.

Example, “[blank} Announces Candidates for ……………. Of The Year.”

2. Craft a project “Summary” – In more detail, explain in a concise paragraph what the project is and what the intended goal.

3. Define the “Marketing Strategy” – In one paragraph, give an overview statement of the approach you will take to the social media strategy of the plan.

Example, “Through the use of strategic social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, and blogs,[blank] will promote the nomination of………..of the year, as soon as nomination is announced. “

4.  Slogan – In many campaigns I like to create a slogan that I use in all communication. It similar to a brand statement, but for the project, that ties all communications together. In the case of “secret” project that was focused on generating votes, the slogan was “Vote NOW! Vote OFTEN!”

In my next blog post I will continue to share with you the next steps I used in the secret project, that resulted in winning the national spotlight. – SS


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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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