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#4 Blog: Part II – The Best Social Media Resource You May be Missing

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Unless you’re a social media super hero, which no doubt many of you come close;  Oreo’s “You can Still Dunk in the Dark,” which sparked a social media explosion around the Super Bowl black out,  you are not impervious to your arch nemeses, the blank idea. He seems to creep up on you at the most pressing times of a deadline, leaving you staring at your computer, Ipad, of even the “old school” piece of paper for hours. Like zapping away your super powers, he leaves you powerless, unable to think of your next social media idea.

In the last blog, “#3 Blog: Part I – The Best Social Media Resource You May be Missing,” I highlighted five reasons why I believe every good social media professional must tap into the richest resource for content they have, their employees. In this post I will highlight the last four methods in the series, on how to make employee-generated content work for your businesses social media strategies:

6. Take advantage of Google author rank.

Allow your authors to tie their work to their Google profile. This may expand SEO results and broaden your brands reach.

7. Share results.

Track how an author’s piece does statistically; visits, comments, etc. It’s a great way to   give unbiased feedback, as well as possibly unleash their competitive edge.

8. Think beyond marketing.

Create a blog to showcase your employees work. Use it as a tool to highlight aspects of your companies, like its culture to perspective employees. It can also be used as a platform to spotlight your employees. “Blogs are like a digital extension of a résumé. Allow employees to create content and you implicitly show you want to help them build their careers.”

9. Forget command and control.

Content generated by employees eliminates the “one-voice” approach to social media marketing. Instead, the cultivated result is authentic content that transcends and connects with a broader audience.

Source: Inc. article “The Best Content Marketing is Free,” by Jeff Haden. Posted Feb13, 2013. Jeff Haden learned much of what he knows about business and technology as he worked his way up in the manufacturing industry. Everything else he picks up fromghostwriting books for some of the smartest leaders he knows in business. @jeff_haden


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One thought on “#4 Blog: Part II – The Best Social Media Resource You May be Missing

  1. Great info, who wrote it? – SM

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