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#1 Blog: The Real Reason Your Social Media Strategy Is Not Working

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There are many marketing concepts that seamlessly transcend the discipline and easily apply when planning a social media campaign. In a recent article by James Archer, “The Real Reason Your Marketing Doesn’t Work,” he argues that a company’s target audience should be thought of as individuals and not simply a demographic. By thinking beyond “empty descriptions of their target audience” you can make more strategic and impactful decisions. I believe this is especially true when executing a social media campaign.

As the CEO of a small marketing (Big Spirit, Inc.), I’ve learned clients like to have simple and easy steps to follow when executing a social media strategy. The writer of the article does an excellent job of breaking down his idea into a few simple steps that will help you in your planning:

  • Skip the Stats – Customers are people and not demographic information. Connect with them as a person and your messages will begin to inspire. Messages like “Like video games? You’ll love Blongotron,” are lackluster.
  • Get Real With Your Customers – Stop pushing empty marketing cliché’s on your target audience. It’s not enough to know your target is soccer moms that like yoga. Find out why they like yoga. When you begin to understand that the soccer mom’s name is Sarah and why she likes yoga, you have a better understanding of how to engage her.
  • Get Your Company on Board – Once you understand Sarah, don’t let the information collect dust on some executive’s shelf. Create a “Customer Persona” for your typical customer and use it in meetings. By making the simple change of addressing your target as a person, across the company, you can then begin to make better decisions on how to listen and engage with them on social media.

 The article wraps up with a simple, but engaging question you should now ask yourself. “Who is your customer?” – SS


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