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Social Media Offline?

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When we think of social media we think of online activities.  For example, “liking” something on Facebook or using a phone application.  However, there is a need to advertise your social media links offline and recently I read an article that talked about that.  The Houston Chronicle  highlighted several promotional ideas to help small businesses let customers know that you’re online even when they are not.

By adding these pieces to your marketing plan, you will show your customers that your business is a 24/7 communication operation.  Having access to your business when they need you not just during the standard business day.

1.  Always put your social media symbols on your print advertisements.  It sounds so simple but many businesses forget to do this one thing.  Your advertising should also include incentives to go to your website or social media outlets to learn more about a promotion or to receive a special coupon to use at your business.

2.  Add a QR (Quick Response) Code to your business cards along with other social media logos.  Having immediate access to your business website by scanning your business card is a great way to keep a conversation going with a new contact.

3.  Utilize your in-store promotional materials to highlight your web deals.  Use signs to direct them to your website or social media accounts.

4.  Be sure to add social media contact information on your voice mail system.  This is a simple but effective way to help customers quickly get answers to questions or even helping them to leave an email message.  Quick and simple but a very effective way to communicate valuable time-saving information to customers.

5.  Baseball caps, buttons, t-shirts and other clothing items should always have your logo, website information and social media channels.

Using these tips to promote your business offline should help to drive your efforts to promote your business through social media and give your small business a big ROI on your social media plan.




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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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