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Social Media Connections for Building Relationships with Donors

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An interesting article was recently published by Networking for Good that talks about using social media to keep your relationships with donors active.  During the year we often forget to engage with donors until the annual fundraising drives.  Using social media is a perfect way to engage donors in a friendly and informative way.  The article highlights five rules:

1.  Don’t bore your readers with unnecessary information, keep the conversation friendly and relevant.  Simple updates on the organization or sharing information about an important development.  Short and simple is best.

2.  Keep the updates timely but not daily.  No one is interested in every detail of your organization so only use the updates to celebrate or highlight extraordinary information.

3.  Listen to the feedback you get from your readers.  Expect to have comments and respond, don’t leave your readers with no options to talk back to you.  Take an opportunity to communicate responses to other readers, it will show your donors that you are engaged.

4.  If you have a donor that has had a public award or other significant event, share it with your other donors.  Keeping the donors feeling like they are part of the bigger family is a good thing.

5.  Develop your organization’s voice through social media.  What makes your organization special?  You should have that come across in every post.

By using these tips you will engage and inspire your donors to stay active with your organization and this should always help your bottom line.





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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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